About Us

Core Strengths

Customer Requirements

Team Agora has a deep working knowledge of customer requirements. We develop state-of-the-art products incorporating the latest features and deeply take care of the benefits and values delivered to the customers.


We aim to unify our efficient research and effectiveness in faster troubleshooting and smarter product recommendations (cross-sells and upsells).

Fleet Service

Our innovative fleet service gives our customers a unique experience of inventory Management that accelerates customer acquisition and enhances retention.

Team Members

Our team members are ready to tackle all problems raised by the customers related to purchasing, services or warranty. To be more flexible with the market requirements, we have made membership a mandatory requirement to ensure that our customers get the best deal at affordable prices.
Marketing Skills
Marketing 92%
Branding Skills
Branding 80%
Customer Support
Customer support 90%
Service Skills
Services 71%

What makes us great

CRM Module

Our CRM module is a fully-customized software functioning from a cloud-based platform that enables us to manage and track all the orders from a single mobile application. Our apps make it easier for our rural customers to access our stores at the comfort of their houses.

Toll-Free No.

A toll-free number is assigned to assist our customers to track their orders and help address their queries related to products. One of the unique features of Agora is our efficient aftersales service. Agora’s technical team is capable of providing efficient after-sales solutions to any brand purchased with Agora.

Our Experts

Manoj singh

Manoj Singh

A visionary industrialist and a dynamic leader with an encompassing experience in the financial industry, A well-known investment banker. He holds expertise in Private Equity, M&A, Brand Alliances and Structured Lending.


Anala Padmanabha

Goal-oriented, Time management, Micromanagement and a strategist with a strong focus on creating equal opportunity to teams, organisations and people associated. Leadership, persistent and a long term thinker

Vijay Mishra

He is an Associate Member of the  (ICSI) & Associate Member of the (AIMA). He has handled successfully an array of important assignments, functions of finance, management, fundraising through public issues, GDR, legal aspects, Budgetary Control, designing and implementing credit control procedures.


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